Join RaiseRight (formally known as Shop With Scrip) to help Inglemoor IB Boosters support and enrich your student’s IB experience while shopping for everyday, special events, or gifts!

Retailers include Amazon, Starbucks, Safeway, and many more.
E-mail for your registration key to get started!
New to RaiseRight? Here are the details!

How does it work?

After registering with RaiseRight, you can purchase gift cards from 400+ local and national retailers on the website. Those retailers offer a rebate on your gift card purchase, which is donated to
the Inglemoor IB Boosters. Rebate percentages vary by retailer, and typically range from 2% to 20%. Some retailers offer additional bonuses for a limited time, these are listed under the Bonus Rebates tab in the Shop section of the site.

How do I get my gift cards?
Most gift cards are available either as physical gift cards or electronic gift cards.

Electronic gift cards can either be printed out at home, or can be loaded and used straight from your phone. Your cards can be viewed and redeemed on the website, or the mobile App, which can be added via the App Store or Google Play for quick and easy access.

  • Use your physical gift cards in-store or online, or access your eGift cards right from your online account. Stored in your Wallet, you can easily view, use, and organize to quickly find the ones you use most. The mobile app makes it easy to access and use your eGift cards anytime, anywhere.

In order to save on shipping costs, physical gift cards purchased through RaiseRight are delivered to our coordinator periodically on a pre-specified date, and must be picked up in-person at Inglemoor High School at scheduled dates and times. We are unable to send them home with your student. 

  • The next order-by date for physical cards will be communicated to you. They are usually made available for pickup from the Career Center at Inglemoor High School during the IB Boosters Board meeting on Mondays. 
  • A few physical gift cards (such as Safeway cards) can be reloaded electronically for one year from the purchase date after purchasing the original physical card from RaiseRight. We recommend reading the terms carefully when purchasing reloadable cards.

How do I pay for my gift cards?

You can pay for your gift cards in one of two ways:

  • You can register to pay directly from your bank account at a cost of only $0.29 per transaction (you pay only one fee per transaction, not per card if you are buying multiple cards). 
  • You can also pay using a credit card and shop immediately for an added fee of 2.6% per transaction.

This sounds great! How do I sign up?

  1. E-mail our RaiseRight coordinator at to request the RaiseRight enrollment
    key for Inglemoor IB Boosters.
  2. Once you receive the key, go to to register.
  3. Set up your payment options. Click on Dashboard at the top of the page, scroll to the bottom and click on Payment Types. You can begin shopping immediately with a credit card, or, as noted above, sign up through your bank account, which takes 1-2 days to register but results in a smaller per-transaction fee for purchases.
  4. Access your cards under the Dashboard area of the RaiseRight site, or go directly to your cards at

How do my purchases benefit the Inglemoor IB Program?

The Inglemoor IB Boosters funds teacher grant requests each year, which have ranged from project supplies for
art and design, supplemental texts and exam prep materials, Group 4 science project materials, student transportation for IB-related field trips, travel expenses for IB teacher training, and more! The Boosters also fund the Senior Recognition Ceremony each May. Every student who takes an IB class at Inglemoor High School benefits
from your support!

I have questions! Who do I ask? 

  • If your question relates specifically to the IB Boosters RaiseRight program, e-mail our
    RaiseRight coordinator at
  • If you have questions about how RaiseRight works, check out their FAQ section.
  • If you are experiencing a technical issue or an issue with a transaction, visit the Support page 
    on the RaiseRight website.

Happy Shopping! Thank you for supporting the Inglemoor IB Boosters!